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Rotogravure Doctor Blades Radobla, the leader in rotogravure doctor blades. In gravure printing, the rotogravure doctor blades are a steel strip used to remove ink from the outside surface of the gravure cylinder. Rotogravure doctor blades Radobla, the best manufacturer of Racla rotogravure doctor blades in United Kingdom, Deutschland, France, Switzerland, Italy, USA, South America, Asia, Africa and Australia. Rotogravure doctor blades are used for Rotogravure and Flexo printing, as well as coating applications. These rotogravure doctor blades are available in inox and plastic, with lamella, double-lamella and sharp profiles. Rotogravure doctor blades are manufactured for Gravure printing with goal of clean wiping. High precision rotogravure doctor blades for printing machines. In roto printing the rotogravure doctor blades are the devices that remove the excess ink from the smooth non engraved portions of the image carrier.

       Production and Sales of Doctor Blades for Flexo-Printing, Gravure Printing,

                                       Pad Printing and Screen Printing

Radobla is a leading company in production and sales of Racle Doctor Blades from over 30 years. Our team manufactures quality customized products according to customer needs. With a daily production of more than 12,000 meters of Doctor Blades and an efficient sales network, we satisfy all the requests in a short time

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da 0,10 mm a 0,30 mm

da 0,10 mm a 0,30 mm

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